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Will PR Work For My Coaching Business?

As a coach to the coaches, one question I get asked a lot is, Will PR work for my coaching business? There are lots of conflicting stories about PR on the internet, and it’s hard to tell fact from fiction. You might have heard negative stories about PR, about publicists who rely on outdated press mailing lists and get no real outcomes for their clients.

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7 Reasons Why You Need to Become Your Own Publicist

You’ve set up your business and you’re ready to start on your PR. You’re searching the web, trying to find the best way to start your PR campaign. You might wonder if you need a publicist to manage your PR for you. Truth is, if you want a successful PR campaign, you need to become your own publicist.

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Why Sending a Press Release is the Worst PR Tool

Often, when people hear the term “PR”, the first thing that comes to mind is sending out press releases. So, you might have been surprised to see the title of this article. “Press releases are the worst PR tool”? You might be wondering if writing a press release will be a waste of time. Do press releases work?

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6 Common Mistakes Coaches Make When Pitching a Journalist

For coaches, starting a PR campaign can be a real learning experience. Coaches often come to PR with a set of expectations and misconceptions, including about how to write a pitch. No matter how fantastic your story is, if mistakes are made when you write a pitch, it can affect your chances of PR success.

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Debunking 3 Common Myths about PR

For coaches starting out with a PR campaign – whether you’re searching information online, or hearing recommendations from friends – there will be lots of conflicting advice about PR. It can be difficult to figure out what’s a PR myth, and what’s actually true. Many of the myths surrounding PR can put new coaches off from starting their campaigns. That’s why, in this article, I want to debunk 3 common myths about PR.

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How to Make More Sales With Free Publicity

One question that clients often ask me is, “How can I make more sales with free publicity?” Can free publicity really generate new sales? If media publicity is free, surely it’s too good to be true? Won’t social media do the exact same thing? These are the kinds of questions that might send you searching for answers online.

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The Truth Behind the 6 Most Common Misconceptions about PR

PR. We’ve all heard of it, and we all have predetermined ideas of what running a PR campaign will be like. As with any subject, there are many misconceptions about PR. Determining fact from fiction can be a challenge, especially for fledgling coaches. Researching PR can often mean wasting time trailing between web pages, which often include mistakes and conflicting information.

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Why Getting Publicity as a Coach isn’t Optional

If you’re a coach, you might wonder why you need PR. Why do you need to reach out to media outlets? What’s the point of getting publicity for your business? Maybe it’s just not for me.” But, as an experienced PR + Publicity Strategist and Coach, I can tell you: getting publicity as a coach isn’t optional. It’s mandatory.

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What Is The Difference Between PR and Advertising?

If you’re developing a coaching business, you might wonder about the differences between PR and advertising. How will they impact on your business? Is one better than the other? Can PR and advertising work together? Read on to find out more about the difference between PR and advertising.

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When Should Coaches Start a PR Campaign?

“I’m not ready to start a PR campaign yet. I don’t have anything to tell journalists about. “There’s so much I need to prepare beforehand.” Sound familiar? With so much conflicting guidance, it can be difficult to tell if you’re ready to start on your PR campaign for your coaching business yet…

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