I help coaches ditch the social media hustle by racking up their profits with media and podcast features.

Become a sought after industry expert, grow your audience and be approached by ready-to-work-with-you dream clients.




From Unknown to Sought After Industry Expert

Learn how to leverage media and podcast features to consistently attract ready-to-buy coaching clients (without spending a single second on social media).

Many coaches and consultants started their business because they wanted to make an impact with their work and get paid for doing what they love.

Yet too many are exhausted from their self-marketing because they spin their wheels on social media or burn money with ads that don’t work believing ads are the holy grail.

The problem is that they try to grow a business alone, without tapping into existing audiences to accelerate their business growth.

I help my clients to leverage the reach, impact and reputation of top-tier media outlets and podcast shows by getting them featured so they get visible and attract clients that pay them top dollar for their services.

Become a well-known expert with a flourishing business without wasting time on social media or paying for ads and agencies.

My customers no longer struggle to get their message in front of the people they are meant to serve​


Here’s what you need to reach new clients with media and podcast features

Clarify your Message

We’ll craft your clear and compelling brand story that clients will want to listen to.

Leverage the media and podcast shows

I’ll teach you how to share this story in prestigious magazines and podcast shows so you grow your audience fast and get all those inbound leads that are ready to work with you.

Grow your Business

Publicity creates visibility, authority, credibility and trust – and these are the main factors for a rapidly growing and profitable business.

You have the expertise to help your clients.

But getting media attention is confusing and seems time-consuming so I’ve created a step-by-step process that helps you to become a Publicity Rockstar™ so you become the unquestionable choice for your ideal client.

To succeed with your media and podcast outreach I designed a simple and easy to follow step-by-step system that I guide my clients through, called the Publicity Rockstar™ Method

1. Rockstar Offer

Understand your ideal client. Know what you want to be known for. Have an offer in place that you want to sell.

2. The Audience

Find the media outlet / the podcast shows that are consumed by your ideal client, and learn how to pitch the right person.

3. The Hit

Understand what a journalist / a podcast host is looking for and be able to share a compelling story that your ideal client will listen to.

Let me guide you through these steps.

4. The Stage

Write an outstanding pitch the journalist / podcast host will love and accept.

5. The Performance

Learn how to write a rockstar guest article and how to give a rockstar interview that makes your ideal client approach you (hello inbound leads!).

6. The Promotion

Become a master in leveraging your media coverage for clients, cash and reputation.

Let me guide you through these steps.

I know what it feels like to be exhausted and frustrated from trying to get visible to your ideal client.

Hello ambitious human, I’m Simone!

Certified PR Consultant with 20+ years experience in the media and PR world, Visibility Strategist, Storyteller, Publicity Rockstar™, bestselling author, wife, mother to two tiny humans and a huge fan of rock and heavy metal music. 

In 2014 I launched my first business in the relationship coaching niche. I was new to business and followed the advice of all the online marketing gurus and “did all the things”. 

Completely exhausted and frustrated I decided to go back to my roots – which are journalism and PR. Only then I have grown a very successful coaching business – VERY FAST. Media features in Cosmopolitan and Instyle as well as a book deal with a huge publishing house only were the cherry on the cake. My programs sold out and most of the time I was fully booked. 

Today I teach coaches and consultants how to leverage the media and podcast shows to get visible and attract clients that pay them top dollar for their services. 

But don’t take my word for it.

Here’s what my clients say

Kelly Brändli

Founder of Kelly Brändli Coaching and Matchmaking

Simone’s experience as a business owner and coach in the love industry has been invaluable! Her coaching is brilliantly structured, clear and it takes you through step by step how to become your own PR agent. I went from zero clients at the start of working with Simone to now an almost full coaching practice where the vast majority of my leads are generated through PR. I could not have done this without Simone and I highly recommend her to any coach, whether you are new to the industry or at it for many years.

Nancy Candea

Second Half of Life Coach and Yoga Therapist

Due to the pandemic I wasn’t able to meet people and to grow my business. Also, I had zero confidence in my writing skills. Working with Simone really changed my life and my business and I really recommend her if you want to get your name and your message out there. I was an editor pick one week for Elephant Journal and actually got paid. And I also got into Purpose Fairy and most recently into Tiny Buddha. The latter brought in over 100 subscribers to my newsletter in just three days!! And that was a big big win.

Bjelke Rietveld-Debruijn

Selflove Coach and Pranic Healer at Bjels

I’ve been featured in online magazines such as Vriendin (600.000 readers), Wendy online (my story was read by 220.000 unique readers) and in Libelle, Netherland’s biggest women magazine with more than 1,4 Mio readers. These media features helped me to get new clients and they quadrupled my website visitors. Simone makes this new world of PR and contacting media outlets so easy to do!! Working with her not only helped me to grow my business but I also gained a ton of self-confidence to reach out to journalists and give media interviews.

Here is how we can work together


Step 1.
Book a Discovery Call

I want to learn about you, your business, your needs and your goals.

Step 2.
Get started and become a
Publicity Rockstar™

Based on your goals we create and implement a step-by-step plan to get you featured in top-tier media outlets and/or on prestigious podcast shows.

Step 3.
Grow your Business

Enjoy rising above your competition and clients reaching out to you. After all, you will finally make the impact you wanted when you started your business.

Oh, and don’t delude yourself, because to get featured in the media or on podcasts:

You don’t need a PR agency or a publicist. I will guide you through an easy process so that you understand how to get featured in the media and on podcast shows and never will be in need to pay 10k to 15k per month (!) to an agency.

You don’t need media contacts. I will teach you an easy way to identify and connect with the right journalist /podcast host that is interested in your story and expertise. 

You don’t need a social media following. Journalists need to create up to 10 stories per day! They aren’t interested in your social media following, they are interested in the value that you can add to their audience. 

You don’t need to have hundreds of clients. To come up with compelling story ideas that are interesting you don’t have to have hundreds of clients. Actually you wouldn’t even have to have one client to offer valuable input to a journalist.

You don’t need to be a writer. If you are able to coach your clients, you are able to write content that your ideal client loves. And to be 100% sure, I will teach you every single step, and even proofread it, if needed. 

You don’t have to be a well-known expert. By being featured in top-tier media outlets and on prestigious podcast shows you are extremely visible and become a well-known expert.

You don’t need to invest hundreds of hours to be successful. Actually, once you have the foundation in place and understand the process, it will take you 2-3 hours per week (!) to successfully pitch yourself. How much time do you waste on social media?

Yes, it is possible for you too, even if you secretly suffer from imposter syndrome (we all do, and I will show you how to overcome it)!


How I can help you

Publicity Rockstar™ Coaching.

This is a unique experience for beginning and intermediate coaches and consultants who are eager to learn and implement a proven step-by-step system for podcast and press success to develop a lifetime skill that they can use over and over and never have to be dependent on a PR agency.

Publicity Rockstar™ VIP Days

This is an extraordinary experience (and fastlane) for intermediate and experienced coaches and consultants who are ultimately ready to get high-impact media + podcast coverage and don’t want to do all the pre-work themselves. I offer a VIP Day for Press Coverage and a VIP Day for Guest Podcasting.

Well, you scrolled all the way down here,
so I guess…

You are done being a best-kept secret and are ready to step into the spotlight.

You want to share your message with millions of people, make a world-changing impact and build a legacy.

You want to gain the visibility, credibility, trust and authority that sets you apart from your competition and makes you the unquestionable choice for your dream client.

You want to attract your ideal clients who see your value, are ready to work with you and eagerly pay top-dollar for your services.

Awesome! What are you waiting for then?

Join me in a Discovery Call

Schedule a call today to explore your publicity opportunities and learn how to get featured in top-tier media outlets and on podcast shows.